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3 Exciting Features of Old School RuneScape
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3 Exciting Features of Old School RuneScape
Take a look at some of the features that were added to the classic RuneScape game!

A lot of people have great admiration for classic games. With their simple graphics and easy to understand gameplay, it is no longer surprising to know that a lot are amused by how fun and timeless they are.

Although there are many game releases each year, people still crave the nostalgia that takes them back to when they first played video games. Among the many games that fall under this classical style is RuneScape, a popular game in 2007 that used old-fashioned graphics. 

In 2013, Jagex released Old School RuneScape, an updated version of the same game. This version shares the same graphic style and gameplay but has added twists to it. The game takes its players back to the world of Gielinor where they can earn the game’s official currency called gold. Players can also buy OSRS GP should they wish to increase their in-game wealth. 

If you loved the classic game and are curious about what the 2013 version offers, here are some of those. 


Endless possibilities 

This game allows its players to be whoever they wish to be. As they step inside the world of Gielinor, players will learn more about different character stories as they progress through their journey. By paying close attention to the residents, players will learn more about the tales and the issues that surround the world. 

By learning more about these, players can pick up some knowledge and use it to their advantage while they explore Gielinor. Aside from that, players can also engage in challenging fights with their AI or real teammates on battles that can impact their journey. 

Countless challenges 

There are a lot of skills that players should learn in the game. With that, it is highly suggested that players learn more about these skills and see how well they can use them to their advantage. By having a mastery of these skills, players can overcome the countless challenges and the quests that the game provides. 

Winning quests and challenges allow players to earn achievements, among them is the Cape of Accomplishment. 


Additional membership features 

Aside from the in-game features that make the game more engaging, Old School RuneScape also allows its players to sign up for a membership that unlocks more game features. Signing up for membership also allows players to earn more gold that they can use for their in-game purchases. 

Here are some of the features that can be unlocked upon signing up with the game. 

  • 8 additional skills, including farming, thieving and slayer

  • Access to the entire game world map

  • Over 120 additional quests, including mini games

  • Access to powerful, exclusive items


These are just some of the features that we know players will love about Old School RuneScape. So, what are you waiting for? Make sure to try the game, win some quests, buy OSRS GP, and have fun for hours!

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