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Teen Patti Explained: Learn to Win
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Teen Patti Explained: Learn to Win
Local pride in India, teen patti has taken the lead in South Asia gambling for years. See here as to how to play this game.

Nothing but sheer confidence, everyone has the potential to win in casino games. And by casino games, we don’t only mean poker, blackjack, baccarat, and the likes. This post shies away from the conventional table games in land-based and online casinos. 

To give you more delight and excitement in playing card games all over again, here’s another variety of poker that might grow on you, called teen patti. With that, here’s our post to guide you on the basics of the game — a sufficient background to help you understand its context.

What is Teen Patti?

Literally means ‘three cards’, teen patti is a card game with its roots in India. But the nature as to how it’s played stems from the British three-card brag. It is an 18th century card game where the globally renowned poker comes from. 

Spreading its influence and reputation in South Asia and the West, it is also called ‘flush’ or ‘flash’. But in the Indian culture, teen patti is closely tied to the locals as it’s known as a nationwide social game often played in Hindu celebrations. 

How do I play this card game?

If the joker is your favourite card in poker, it’s deemed otherwise in teen patti. Aside from strong will and conviction, here are some ground rules to know, and for you to win your first game.

  1. The game is commonly played by 3 to 6 people, whereas 10 would be the maximum.

  2. Using the 52-card deck, a dealer (or could also be another player) will distribute 3 face-down cards to each player counter-clockwise.

  3. To start the game, each player shall place their bets, which add their shares into the pot.

  4. In doing so, each must choose whether they will play blind or seen. As for the former, players are not allowed to check their cards, instead, place their bets directly. Whereas the latter, they can check the cards dealt with them, and choose whether to bet or pack (fold or give up).

  5. The amount of their stakes would now depend whether the adjacent player decides to play blind or seen. It’s either a fractional, match or double the amount.

  6. To end the game, only 2 players shall be the remaining players, thereby moving forward to the show move. It is where one of them asks the other to ‘show’ their cards. And finally, the player with high cards will win the game.

What are its best hands?

Best hands determine the player’s chances of winning. Here is the highest to lowest ranking guide in teen patti.

  • Trio or Trail: 3 cards of the same rank

  • Straight run: 3 cards of the same suit

  • Normal run: 3 cards in sequential order of different suits

  • Flush: 3 cards of the same suit and colour

  • Pair: 2-3 cards of the same rank

  • High card: 3 cards of the same suit and colour

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