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Extend Your Life with Heart Transplant in India
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Extend Your Life with Heart Transplant in India
India organ transplant services have a long standing dedication to the health care needs of our communities.

Heart transplantation is a procedure to remove a person's diseased heart and replace it with a healthy heart from a deceased donor. Mostly this procedure is done on patients who have end stage heart failure. Heart failure is a condition wherein the heart is damaged or susceptible. So, it is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body requirement. "Last-stage" means the condition is so severe that all treatment, except than a heart transplant, has failed.

heart transplant surgery in India

Why heart transplants are carried out?

A heart transplant can be taken into consideration when you have severe heart failure and medical treatment is not helping. Conditions that could finally require a heart transplant include:

Heart disease – building up of fatty substances in the arteries of the heart, which blocks normal blood flow to the heart

Cardiomyopathy – where the walls of the heart have stretched, thickened or stiff

Congenital heart disease – birth defects that affect the normal workings of the heart

The heart transplant process

The heart transplant process begins when doctor refer a person who has last-stage heart failure to a heart transplant center. Staff members at the center verify whether the person is eligible for the surgical treatment. If the patient is eligible, they are placed on a waiting list for a donor heart. Heart transplant surgery is carried out in a hospital when a suitable donor coronary heart is determined. After the transplant, the patient is started out on a lifelong health care plan. The plan involves multiple treatments and frequent medical checkups.

What are the benefits of heart transplant surgery in Indian hospitals?

If the heart transplant surgery is performed properly, with the right donors and suitable pre-operative procedure, there are lots of possibilities of the recipient residing for long after the surgery. Many best heart transplant centers in India are involved in performing heart transplant surgical surgeries, for which there are good links with organ donor organizations. At best heart transplant centers in India, the success rate have grown to be very good because of strict choice of patients and using medication. Even, the cardiac ICUs are highly improved to take distinctive care of the patients with heart transplant surgery. 5 year survival limit is pretty excellent with a percentage more than 80 for many people, both men and women as per research from different Indian hospitals. In some of the best heart transplant centers in India, the survival rate of patients is as high as 95 to 100 percent.

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How can India organ transplant service help?

India organ transplant service offers a world-class holistic experience to the patients travelling from far places only to get the treatment. We are associated with numerous reputed hospitals from India covering all types of health, current, holistic, and alternative treatment. India organ transplant service is ready to welcome patients back in safe, healthy surroundings. Medical and surgical care is considered crucial needs, and you should be able to come to India organ transplant service for care. As we resume a broader range of the inpatient and outpatient care that you depend on, make sure that we will retain balance our patient-focused approach to care with best practices in infection prevention for our patient and staff.

Patient Success Story: Providing a New Lease of Life with Inventive Heart Transplant Surgery

India organ transplant services have a long standing dedication to the health care needs of our communities. Book your appointment at COVID safe hospital in India.

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