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Heart Transplant Surgery India Repairing Hearts and Saving Lives in India
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India is very prevalent among universal patients who are searching for the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery India and super forte healing centers


A coronary heart transplant replaces the affected person's heart with a donor heart. Doctors remove the patient's heart by transecting the aorta, the principle pulmonary artery and the superior and inferior vena cavae, and dividing the left atrium, leaving the decrease back wall of the left atrium with the pulmonary vein openings in place. The medical professional connects the donor heart by way of stitching together the recipient and donor vena cavae, aorta, pulmonary artery and left atrium. In patients with congenital coronary heart disorder, the surgeon may simultaneous transplant the lungs and the heart.

Who needs a heart transplant?

Most patients advised heart transplants have end-stage heart failure. Their heart failure might have been caused by:

  • Coronary heart disease.
  • Hereditary conditions.
  • Viral infections of the heart.
  • Damaged heart valves and muscles.



What are the results of a heart transplant?

When all problems are taken into consideration, the results of transplantation are remarkably good.  In patients with severe forms of heart failure that require transplantation, the one year mortality rate is 80%. After heart transplant, 5 yr survival average approximately 50%-60%. One year survival averages about 85%-90%.

Why international patients prefer India for heart transplantation?

The wonderful advancement in the Indian Healthcare Industry has contributed a great deal in making India extraordinary as compared to another wellbeing specialist organization on the planet.  People usually choose heart transplant surgery India because of the affordable packages that this country offers with the best medical facilities. India has stupendous medical centers with well qualified and experienced doctors. Specialized rehabilitation that allows a person to recover fast after surgical treatment is also present in India. India is very prevalent among universal patients who are searching for the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery India and super forte healing centers such as top hospitals for heart transplant surgery India which comprise of exceedingly incorporated heart care establishment. The remarkable progress in the Indian healthcare Industry has contributed a lot in making India as one of the best health service provider in the world. Top surgeons performing heart transplant surgery India are highly trained under cardiac experts from all over the world, they hold quality expertise in treating advanced heart surgeries across several countries that has created them skilled within the field of heart treatment and these all surgeries are done in the best hospitals for heart transplant surgery India.


Get benefits of best facilities from top 10 heart transplant surgeons of India

India is one of the major players in the field of heart transplant surgical procedure; the country has world’s best doctors or surgeons to provide treatment for any heart disease. The attributing thing is low cost by the top 10 heart transplant surgeons of India and state-of-the-art technology. Top 10 heart transplant surgeons of India are equipped with the latest technology and have internationally qualified staff of workers this is dedicated to catering for the needs of international patients, they utilize the global infrastructure and credibility to deliver top notch patient outcomes. Top 10 heart transplant surgeons of India keeps themselves up to date as per the changing technology in the field of cardiac surgery. They believe in continuous medical education and attend numerous seminars, workshops, and conferences to keep abreast with what's happening round the world in the field of cardiac treatment.

Why choose India organ transplant service

India organ transplant service is a reputed clinical issuer agency in India. We’ve a robust network of top heart transplant hospitals in India and we promise the best treatment from the top 10 heart transplant surgeons of India.  Whenever you're looking for a heart transplant in India, so, we at India organ transplant makes certain that vital details regarding a doctor like their experience, qualification, specialization, and introduction is there with you. We make every effort to not only offer you with the world-class medical treatments and techniques but additionally make sure that you're feel and homely with us throughout your care.


To Get Free Opinion And Fast Tarck Appointment From India's Best Doctors Contact us on:

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