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Nigerian Patient go Ga-Ga over heart transplant in India
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Nigerian Patient go Ga-Ga over heart transplant in India
My name is Ibako, I am from Nigeria, and recently, I had been to Indian hospital for my heart transplant in India.

My name is Ibako, I am from Nigeria, and recently, I had been to Indian hospital for my heart transplant in India. Although I had gone to the country for the treatment of some cardiac issues then I met with the heart failure due to the dysfunctional of the heart that suddenly led to the transplant surgery making me get the best rescue in life.  Thanks to my doctor and the Top heart surgery hospitals in India, I was lucky enough to get the best cardiac transplant getting the heart donor at that time that paid off my efforts and money I invested in this domain. I was diagnosed with some cardiac ailments having some portion of my heart being choked and contaminated that required a surgery; however, due to the unavailability of the advanced surgical procedure for the cardiac procedures, I had to give up the option of getting the treatment in Nigeria. Thus I was wondering where to get the treatment since I knew that getting the same in the US and the UK could be a difficult affair. 


The reason was apparent since it was very costly and could have gone beyond my limits. Though the quality of the healthcare services was beyond the limit and I could not have afforded it, hence took time to find some quality option at affordable cost. My doctor suggested that I can get quality cardiac care services in India and thanks to the presence of the top heart surgery hospitals and cardiac surgeons in India that can work for me as these offer high-quality cardiac care with greater affordability element. I researched to find out that I can quickly get the best cardiac care seeking the help of healthcare companies in India. I then found the top group like India organ transplant that offered me the best of the solutions with affordable cost. It took just a few moments to get things right for me. 


I found the group having the best doctors and top heart surgery hospitals in India in their network along with offering an affordable package that promised me quality services. I then gave my consent to the group and then got the medical visa leaving for my journey for cardiac solutions. Once I got the visa, I went for India to get the surgery. My medical tourism company has done all the arrangements for me that I sensed reaching the hospital. Unfortunately, when I have been admitted to the hospital but my conditions were not good, and I then met with a heart failure leading to an immediate surgery for the same. But my heart was on the brim of becoming dysfunctional that only needed the transplant surgery. I was lucky to get the same with the donor. In fact, I found my visit destined to get the best of the treatment and right on time when I badly needed. Thankfully when I met with the stroke I was there only in the hospital getting me the best treatment helped me therefore to winning the game of life. 


Seeking the help of the doctor who has worked with the top heart surgery hospitals, I got my heart transplant in India, which went at the last moment. It proved to be the best solution for me. I am pleased with the services getting me the best of the cardiac care. I should thank my doctor who treated me as well as he has the experience of dealing with a wide range of health care services along with the hospitals both in India and abroad. This has helped me to get the best cardiac services for me.  Lastly, I thank my medical tourism company who went one step ahead to treat me with great care and professionalism. Secondly, they helped me to get all the other medical services and other stuff like food, local travel and the complete management for my heart surgery in India. I highly recommend my doctor and the medical tourism company that expedited the surgery with great care and professionalism.

If any one looking for organ transplant in India please Mail us at Email id: or Call us:+919765025331 For more detail Visit


Thanking You,




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