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A global patient from Iraq goes ga-ga over having his low cost kidney transplant India
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A global patient from Iraq goes ga-ga over having his low cost kidney transplant India
A global patient from Iraq goes ga-ga over having his low cost kidney transplant India

Hello, this is Hasan Huzaibi, I am from Iraq. I was recently in an Indian city transplant surgery that I got with the affordable low-cost kidney transplant India.  I am really pleased and happy with the surgery outcome, which I have received from the hospital from India. My chosen medical partner/medical tourism company, which simply proved out to be a best helping hand for me. I remember my life was a big mess when I first came to know that I had the medical ailment in my kidneys and that I will now then a transplant surgery that deals with replacing it to get my life back. My kidneys were on about to collapse and that I would now only need a surgery dealing with transplant surgery. It was impossible for me to get in my country since it had limited hospitals giving me the transplant surgery with high cost, while rest did not have the facility to offer the same.



One of my family friends recommended me to go India for my surgery. He informed that he had similar treatment in Indian hospital that l can get at affordable cost. In other words, it was possible for me to get low-cost kidney transplant India with high quality. I knew that getting the same surgery at developed nations like the US and the UK. With my research, I discovered that a number of  Indian hospitals that offer organ transplant surgeries are known to give me the best. These hospitals have the best human resources and these are backed with state of art facilities. My friend even suggested me a medical partner or medical consultant who would take care of everything for me. I then started my communication through email and soon got a call from them explaining the way they would carry out the surgery. In my communication, I realised that I can easily get low-cost kidney transplant India with the best quality element.

The group claimed that they would find a donor, and would let me know to get to the country and find the low-cost kidney transplant India. I was really impressed to see their call coming right on time when I needed the transplant. They informed me that they have found a donor and that I should come as soon as I could. Luckily, I also got the medical visa on the same day as they helped me to make my case on top priority on health grounds. I reached to India the next moment and was picked up by the rep of the company. Soon met the kidney transplant surgeon who dealt with my case. He was a known doctor with a huge experience and expertise required to make the surgery successful. He has been related to top hospitals in Mumbai dealing with kidney transplant and other surgeries. So, I knew I have reached out to the right place and that I would get a second life soon.

Soon my day for the low-cost kidney transplant India dawned at me and I was at the operation room for the surgery. The doctor led his team to carry out a successful surgery with great care and professionalism. Later, I was kept in the ICU to check my medical conditions and when it reached to stability I returned to my recovery room. I was seen with some discomfort and pain after the surgery that helped me to get things done right on time.  I thank my medical tourism company for carrying out the low-cost kidney transplant India and of course my doctor and his team who did the surgery on time and with great perfection.


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