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Things you should know about kidney transplant in India

Things you should know about kidney transplant in India
India being a hub for national and international patients, people visit India for the treatment. India is known for its low cost kidney transplant surgery and facilities they give.

Kidney Transplant Surgery

Kidney is the vital organ of body which excretes waste and toxins, formation of urine, purification of blood, maintains balance of water, chemicals and minerals. Any damage to kidney can build up waste products and fluids in your body. Some serious damage can get worse and your kidney can eventually stop working. This damage can lead to kidney transplant surgery as your own kidney is unwell to perform functions.  Kidney transplant is a surgical procedure to treat kidney failure. People who are suffering from diseases related to kidney need kidney transplant surgery in India to improve quality of life you are living and reducing the risks of dying. 

Pre preparation for kidney transplant surgery 

The first and most important step before having a kidney transplant surgery in India is to find a match of donor’s kidney. The kidney can be from living or deceased person. Tests are done to determine if donor’s kidney is a good match for you. First step is that blood type should match with donor’s kidney. The next step is a tissue typing test that increases the likelihood the transplant kidney will last a long time. The final step involves crosscheck of both the tests again to re-examine the kidney. Both the tests are done to see if kidney is good match for you, so that your immune system will accept it.

During the transplant surgery 

During Kidney transplant surgery in India anaesthesia will be given so that you are unaware of the pain. The surgeon will monitor your heart rate, blood pressure and blood oxygen level throughout the procedure. Surgeon will make incision on your abdomen. Sometimes your original kidney will not be removed unless they are causing complications and donor’s kidney will be placed just above one of your legs. Then the new kidney’s ureter is connected to your bladder.  Surgeons will sew the incision of abdomen and you will be taken to recovery room. The whole process takes about 2 to 4 hours of surgery.

Recovering from kidney transplant surgery 

After the kidney transplant surgery in India patient has to spend several days in observation of doctors and nurse. Body will start forming urine; the time depends on patient’s kidney. Doctors will keep a watch on signs that body will start accepting the new kidney. You can move and walk after one day of surgery. As doctors will find that you are recovering and well to go home then precautions will be suggested for you that you need to follow for fast recovery. Frequent checkups are necessary for few weeks to see how well kidney is working. Medications are suggested by surgeons that you have to take after kidney transplant.

How much does it cost for kidney transplant surgery in India?

As India is leading in surgeries and top hospital and surgeons still the cost of kidney transplant surgery in India is very low as compared to other countries. The average cost in private hospitals that is estimated is across 5lakh to 6lakh depending on patient’s choice of hospitals, the hotels for food and stay. The cost can differ by many factors but the cost of kidney transplant surgery in India will fit into your pocket.

India organ transplant for kidney transplant surgery

Kidney transplant surgery is important aspect for people who suffer from kidney damage. India being a hub for national and international patients, people visit India for the treatment. India is known for its low cost kidney transplant surgery and facilities they give. India organ transplant site is a pioneer to connect a huge network of hospitals and surgeons in India with national and international people all over the globe.  Free consultation form on site will provide you to connect our experts which will guide you for further inquiry.

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