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Middle East Patient expresses her delight for the liver transplant in India
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Middle East Patient expresses her delight for the liver transplant in India
My name is Aminah Bilal, I am from UAE, and I had been to India recently for my liver surgery. I am glad that I had a great time there in India going for my surgery right on time,

My name is Aminah Bilal, I am from UAE, and I had been to India recently for my liver surgery. I am glad that I had a great time there in India going for my surgery right on time, when I needed it and with quality and affordability. My health was in bad shape and I was knowing the fact that I would be now need a surgery for the liver transplant, however, where to get was a challenge since in UAE, the cost is extremely high and was no point in wasting too much of time when I can get the liver transplant in India with the same quality but with great affordability element. So with passage of time, I ended up finding the best solution for my healthcare issues. I am glad I got the solution seeking the help of medical tourism company based in India with quality and affordability element.

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So, once i realised that I have little options available back in my state and my place, I started looking for a smarter and better choice outside my country. I had the options in the East with Thailand, India and Singapore, but India being closer to me and better than the rest of the two, I planned my liver transplant in India. I explored the options in this country and was finding pleasing options there and thus when I discussed with my family members and others, all seemed to be okay with the option of India. Now, I have to plan things for the surgery but do not know how to progress till I found out the options being given by the medical tourism companies. These are groups that help the global patients to get their healthcare services arranged with great care and professionalism. They offer the services in the form of a package.

They have to duty of arranging the best doctor and hospital for the global patient including doing other things as well like arranging the medical tests and diagnostic requirements. Also, they have the trivial things like local travel, food and other things that are to be kept right for the global patients. Hence with a meager study I found one group that seemed promising in terms of reviews and ratings along with the services they offer to the global patients. I called them up sharing my medical report and wanted a donor as well for my liver transplant in India. They took some time and returned with a good news stating that they have found a donor and now I can easily visit India for the said surgery. I got my medical visa thanks for their help and guidance in getting that and soon reached India for the surgery.

I was really happy to see things moving in the right direction when I reached India. Every bit of things required for liver transplant in India was carried out with great care and perfection that talks a lot about the professionalism of the company that I have opted for. So, soon my day for the surgery came and I was happily proceeding towards the OT to see my doctor smiling and boosting my confidence. Soon the surgery was complete and I was back with the positive outcome fre from the ailment I had for my liver. I am glad that I planned my liver transplant in India seeking the help of the best doctor and getting the best hospital for the treatment. I thank everyone who played the part in making me free from the ailment along with treating me the best without any prejudice and other issues.  I also thank my medical tourism company that has helped me a lot. I highly recommend the surgery liver transplant in India.I would recommend you to anyone seeking Organ Transplant Treatment in India, Visit here :

Thanking You,

Aminah Bilal



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