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India Leading in Eye Cornea Transplant Surgeons with Best Results
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India Leading in Eye Cornea Transplant Surgeons with Best Results
India is known due to its cost-effectiveness, affordable surgery process, No waiting lines. India Organ Transplant provide all services and for more details mail us on info@indiaorgantransplant. com

Organ transplant is a medical procedure in which organs like eye, kidney, liver, lungs, pancreas, intestine and thymus can be transplanted. The damaged organ is removed to replace it with a healthy donor organ. Organ donation is one of the methods which help people around the globe. Eye cornea transplant in India is one of the procedures which include transplant of healthy donor cornea tissue. 

What is the eye cornea transplant?

The eye is a complex part connected to the brain and healthy cornea is a must for vision. The cornea is a front part of the eye, transparent which covers the iris, pupil and anterior chamber; it allows the light to enter the light for vision. As surgery of the whole eye is not possible a cornea transplant is done also known as Keratoplasty.

There are two types of procedure for eye cornea transplant in India-

  • Full-thickness corneal transplant(penetrating Keratoplasty)

It’s the most appropriate treatment; a trephine (surgical instrument) of an appropriate diameter is used to make a full-thickness resection of the patient cornea, followed by placement of full-thickness donor corneal graft.

  • Back layer cornea transplant(Endothelial Keratoplasty)

Endothelial Keratoplasty is done when the problem of the innermost layer of the cornea. The surgeon removes endothelial and the Descemet membrane and replaces them with donors endothelial and Descemet membrane for the new tissue.

When we need eye cornea transplant?

People who are facing vision problems due to thinning of the cornea and eyeglasses and contact lenses cannot restore your vision then there is a need eye cornea transplant. If you have a damaged cornea you can face problems such as-

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Cloudy vision

A doctor will suggest any of the types of the procedure after testing eyes for surgery. Method of surgery will depend on the cause of damage to the cornea.

Top surgeons for an eye cornea transplant

Following are the top surgeons who perform low-cost eye transplant in India who are highly skilled and well known for their successful history. With most progressive facilities and top specialist eye cornea transplant in India is performed-

  • Dr. Aditi Krishna Agarwal

  • Dr. Harshavardhan Ghorpade

  • Dr. Bharath Kumar

  • Dr. Rajesh Fogla

  • Dr. Srilathaa Gunasekaran

  • Dr. Sudipto Pakrasi

  • Dr. Sonica Gupta

  • Dr. Parul Sharma

  • Dr. Amar Karkhanis

  • Dr. Jitendra Kumar Singh Parihar

Why India is best for health tourism?

Advantage of health tourism in India includes low cost, best facilities, latest medical technologies, language flexibility and highly-skilled doctors. Low-cost eye transplant surgery in India receives medical tourism from across the globe. India is known due to its cost-effectiveness, affordable hotels, food option, less wasting time at the airport makes India a medical destination for everyone to visit.

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1. Why should eyes be donated?

As eyes can live even after death, healthy eyes can be transplanted to people who need it. Blind people can get a new life and restore vision.

2. Who can be eye donors?

Anyone can be a donor. People who use spectacles and lenses, diabetic, people with high blood pressure, suffering from hypertension and communicable diseases can donate eye. Even after death, an eye donation can be done which must be removed within 4-5 hours after death.

3. Who cannot donate their eyes?

People who are infected with AIDS, rabies, suffering from hepatitis B or C, cholera, tetanus cannot donate their eye.

4. Whom should we contact to donate eyes?

A hospital, the eye banks which are a non-profit community organization, who collects, evaluates and distributes the eye for donation can be contacted for eye donation.

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Organ transplant in India can be called as a medical procedure wherein a body part or an organ is removed from one human body and then is placed inside the body of another patient or recipient in orde