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Telemedicine Solutions– Delivering Quality & Convenient Medical Care

Telemedicine Solutions– Delivering Quality & Convenient Medical Care
Telehealth services allow people around the world to get helpful, meaningful, timely medical online consultations from the comfort of their home and at their convenience.

The field of Telemedicine has seen an exponential growth in the past 10 years in both technological advances as well as its utilization by major medical centers, hospitals as well as local clinics anywhere there is a telephone line or internet service available. Telemedicine has proved its potentiality in meeting the demands of delivering faster, high-quality, inexpensive and convenient medical care. That’s why, the growth of telemedicine sector is expected to be more explosive in the next five years. One of the top telemedicine solutions provider in the USA, KOOLMD uses various means of telecommunications to connect with patients and provide consultation on different medical conditions. Use of telemedicine technologies significantly reduces the cost of treating health conditions including hypertension, asthma, diabetes and sleep apnea, which benefit from continued monitoring of a patient's condition.

In telehealth services, doctors links up with their patients via the phone, use of emails or a webcam. Patients can also use advanced devices to check blood pressure, heart rate and other vital signs and send the collected data to their doctors using the internet. So, they can manage chronic conditions at home.

How telemedicine is changing the way medical care is delivered?

It Helps Patients Reduce the Risk of Cardiovascular Diseases:

Cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death around the world. It is important for patients to be connected with a caring doctor who will coach them on taking preventive measures, such as quitting use of tobacco products like cigarettes, changes in their diet, start an exercise program and managing weight by gradual weight loss. These lifestyle changes are not easy as anyone who has tried will know; however the need for frequent doctor visits is obviated by use of telemedical means. Due to a busy work and life schedule many people simply cannot afford to take time away from their normal routines to drive to and visit a clinic. Telemedicine in these instances provides the perfect solution for both the patient as well the medical doctor.

Telemedicine has brought the best solution for such patients. With the help of an online patient portal or online medical consultation system, patients can participate in a cardiovascular disease management program when it is needed as they can get medical consultation on their convenient time without leaving their homes. In this system, KOOLMD can provide the patient with alerts as to any pending or upcoming virtual appointments.

Telemedicine Allows Patients to Manage Chronic Conditions:

People who have been suffering from different chronic conditions, (e.g. joint pain, back pain, skin conditions, diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, sleep apnea, neuropathy) KOOLMD’s effective chronic management program allow patients to manage chronic conditions at home. In this system, they can make routine phone calls with specialists who reinforce compliance in taking prescribed medications or treatments advised. For instance remembering to take a blood pressure pill may be difficulty for some people or even remembering to refill a prescription—all may be done via an online consultation. We use coaches in many arenas in life, but when it comes to medicine, patients assume that compliance is easy and they merely need to take a pill. Well without adhering with the goals of lifestyle changes, the patient’s recovery and improved health outcomes are delayed and often not realized. The telemedical consultation serves also as a means in providing the patient with ongoing guidance in health maintenance, fine tuning the various treatments and sticking with goals needed to achieve optimum health.

Apart from this, patients can discuss their symptoms with their physicians over Email as well as telephonically and perform a number of self-tests. They can take part in educational programs related to their particular disease. This leads to better mastery and understanding of how their health condition is impacting them and to change their course over time.

Dealing with Arthritis:

In cases where continuous or periodic surveillance is necessary to monitor a patient with arthritis, telemedicine is a good option for them to seek immediate reassurative advice from a qualified physician. In this system, they get notifications of pending appointments, and can inquire about the need for further treatments or diagnostic studies. They can also speak with physicians whether they need a DEXA scan or routine X-rays of the hip joints and lumbar spine.

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KOOLMD is an online medical consulting & doctor consultation portal which enables quick access to quality medical treatment and reduced doctor check up costs through telemedicine.