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Detailed Information Regarding Three Uses of Industrial Air Curtains
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Detailed Information Regarding Three Uses of Industrial Air Curtains
Create an invisible barrier in the doorways of your establishment and manage the interior temperature with the help of our industrial air curtains.

Comfort level is improved by regulating the temperature and creating a comfortable climate for one and all. These Commercial Air Curtains installed over open doors promote energy savings and reduce the cost of electricity. These are also used to control insects, climatic conditions, fumes, and humidity. They also successfully recover stratified heat, retain heat in ovens, and control air movements within the building and their popularity is on the go because of its massive advantages.

Three Uses That Are Very Common:

Auto Painting Facilities:

If you have ever been to a painting facility, you must have seen the area where the painters do their painting jobs. They spray color, polishes and other chemical products that can cause serious damage to the human body if inhaled directly. To prevent direct inhalation, they use protective masks over their face, but those around them are helpless against the harm. Besides customers and visitors, this also harms all those who work at the paint shop all day long, for instance, other technicians, receptionists and managers who sir way too far from the paint job area, but nonetheless are equally exposed to the threats as someone standing in the vicinity of the paint spray. By nature, paint is very light and uses an oil based solvent which carries the paint particles far away from the actual area. Therefore, such facilities use curtains to contain the hazards of the painting industry.

Temperature Sensitive Warehouse Facilities:

Imagine your fish arriving stale, would you like it or pay for it? No, so would all other customers who like eating fish and other such products that depend on proper storage conditions - temperature, humidity and air. They put into applications several things, among which, industrial curtains are one. Even if they had the most efficient cooling system in place, they would fail to control the environment without industrial curtains. Industrial Air curtains keep the air, moisture and temperature from escaping or changing by keeping it constant. These affordable curtains have a direct effect on the cooling expenses. Thanks to Industrial Curtains, cooling machines do not have to work 24x7, which knocks off several figures from the energy bills.

High Noise Facilities:

The same can be said of high noise facilities. High decibels have a decidedly detrimental effect on the human body and there are many scientific researches to prove that. Factories that produce high levels of noise as part of their daily activities use acoustic Industrial Air Curtains that cut down up to 80% of the noise, reducing the annoying cacophony to a harmless whir. Highly sensitive corporate offices also make use of acoustic curtains to maintain high levels of secrecy within their organization. Acoustic noise curtains also have several other applications, all most at every place where there is the smallest possibility of noise. 

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