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United Garage Door

United Garage Door is a locally family owned and operated business that is proudly serving the Las Vegas Valley area providing superior garage door repair.
Address4150 Pioneer Ave Ste D, Las Vegas, NV 89102
Phone+1 (702) 744-7477

Garage Door Repair: Stuck Garage Doors | Off-Track Garage Doors
Off-track or stuck garage doors is one of the most dangerous garage door repair we see. When your garage doors is in this condition, stop its use immediately and do not try and force the garage doors open or closed. This can cause the garage doors to fall off its tracks completely. When you are experiencing this issue it can be an indicator that your garage door springs is broken, which is also dangerous.

For the handy mans and DIYers the best course of action is to unplug the garage door opener from the outlet. This way no one tries to operate the garage doors. VERY IMPORTANT!! DO NOT DISCONNECT THE ARM FROM THE GARAGE DOOR!! This may be the only part holding the garage doors in place! Repairs like these should be handled by an experienced Las Vegas garage door repair company.

Call United Garage Door for HELP NOW! We repair before we replace. There are no “guarantees” that the door can be saved, we are the best at repairing before having to replace.

Garage Doors Roller Replacement
Garage doors rollers are rated in cycles. The standard industry cycle for most garage doors rollers are 10,000 cycles. Cycles are counted as one full operation (opening and closing) of your garage door. Periodic checks of your rollers are recommended and at the first sign of an issue give us a call here at United Garage Door.

Just like garage door springs, your garage doors rollers are rated by cycles, however many factors need to be considered when determining the life cycle of your particular garage doors rollers. These factors include type of rollers you have, your garage doors weight, and how often the garage door is opened and closed.

Damaged Garage Door Panel
Your garage door panels over time may have become dented or damaged by an accidental backing of the car while the garage door was closed up tight or by misuse. No matter how damaged the garage door panels are, this is a very common issue so you’re not alone. When panels become damaged, no matter the reason, we have two solutions to remedy this issue. First, we can expertly repair any of the damaged panels (some damages may be beyond repair), or we can replace the damaged panels matching your door. Remember the garage door is heavy and should not attempt this repair on your own.

Broken Garage Door Springs or Frayed Garage Door Cables
When your car is locked in or out of your garage, in most cases you are experiencing a broken garage door springs or a frayed garage doors cables. Best thing to do is start looking for the perpetrator. Look around the cable to see if something is hindering the cables path, or there is built up dirt and debris on the cable itself. Remember all the force of the garage door springs are carried by the cables. Do not attempt to remove cables from the garage door that has tension on it. Replacing cables can be very dangerous job. The cables are part of the garage door springs system and are under extreme amount of tension. This repair should only be conducted by the experienced professionals at United Garage Door.

Broken Garage Door Opener
Whether you are leaving off to work or coming home for the day you naturally reach for the button on your remote to let yourself out or into your garage. For one reason or another the button is not working, uh oh!! Broken garage door opener can be an annoying headache. Seeking out the help of a professional garage door repair company that provides same day service and available 24 hours to ensure you are back into or getting out of your garage. United Garage Door offers free estimates, and we carry replacement openers on our vehicles, so, no matter the situation, we can help.

Bent or Damaged Garage Door Tracks
Your garage door could weigh up to 500 pounds and this weight can cause the door to come crashing down if the tracks are in bad condition. Depending on the extent of the damages your tracks may possible be repaired. Keep in mind if your tracks are in really bad shape then a replacement is necessary.

Preventative Garage Doors Maintenance
Luckily there is steps to take to prevent all of the mentioned scenarios from happening to your garage doors. There is over 300 parts in your garage that can be attended to when preventive garage door maintenance is performed. This service ensures that your garage door operates smoothly and functions properly, reliably and safely. We highly recommend this service to be performed twice a year. This service gives an opportunity to catch any issues or problems before they arise. This service also will help extend the life of your system as well.

Garage Door Spring Types
Being a garage door owner isn’t always easy. Sometimes you have to deal with problems that seem to arise out of nowhere. Problems just like the ones’ you deal with when you have broken garage door springs.

Whether extension or torsion, most standard springs are rated for 10,000 cycles, or 10 years (whichever comes first). Torsion springs provides your door the ability to operate properly.
However, in order for them do so they are under an immense amount of tension, which makes them quite dangerous to be around. Even when only one spring breaks, it is always recommended that they both be replaced.

A Word of Caution
Garage door springs can be dangerous – even more so when they’re broken -never forget that! That is why you should NEVER even think about touching them no matter how “handy” you may be around the house.

My Garage Door Springs Broke, Now What?
The first and most important thing you should do (or more accurately not do) upon finding out that your garage door springs have gone kaput is NOT TO PANIC. Yes, it’s frustrating dealing with broken springs, but suffice it to say panicking will just make it even more stressful.

Don’t Try To Force The Door Open Or Close – Remember what we said about it weighing up-to 500 pounds and just leave it be.

Don’t Disengage The Opener – The opener’s arm may be the only thing stopping the garage doors from slamming down (if open) frightening fast.

Don’t Attempt This Repair Yourself – No matter how many DIY articles and You Tube videos telling otherwise, this project is extremely risky.

Do Call Work – Unless you want to risky an angry boss, you should immediately call your place of employment to tell you’ll be a bit late considering the circumstances.

Don’t Try To Force The Door Open Or Close – Remember what we said about it weighing up-to 500 pounds and just leave it be.

Do Call United Garage Door – We have experienced technicians that can arrive to your home or business, diagnose the problem, and replace your garage door springs all in the fastest manner possible 24-hours a day/7-days a week.

Do Grab a cup of coffee and relax – Read the paper, leaf through a magazine, or visit your favorite social media channels and relax; United Garage Door is on the way, replace those broken garage door spring and have your garage doors like new…

Garage Door Opener: Garage Door Openers

While their function is basically the same, today’s garage door opener offer homeowners so much more. They provide quieter operation and are more dependable than their predecessors. The only thing that hasn’t changed is their price; they still remain very affordable.

Many of the more advanced modeled garage door opener come equipped with internet capability, which affords you the opportunity to control your garage doors and garage door opener from virtually anywhere in the world. All you have to do is login in on your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Ultimately, a garage door opener is rated on how well it performs its main function – opening and closing your garage door on demand – LiftMaster®  garage door opener excel in this area. With DC motors, you’ll receive quieter operation, allowing you to rest peacefully rather than be awakened each time someone activates the garage door opener.


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